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Design of Simple and Robust Chemical Plants

The approaches to the design of process plants described in this work, lead to process designs which require 30-40% less capital. The text discusses design philosophies and provides a structured approach for the implementation of planned and existing plants. There are also numerous examples to illustrate what simple design can create. As this text illustrates how to apply these new approaches to achieve competitive processes it should be of interest to students, as well as experienced engineers read more error-file:TidyOut.log US List Price: $145.00
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Modern Power Station Practice: Boilers and Ancillary Plant
R.M. Clapp Our Price: £14.50

Used Price : £8.70

This is part of a 12-volume set. Volume B covers boilers and ancillary plant including boiler unit thermal and pressure parts design and dust extraction, draught systems and gas desulpherization. The text reflects the cumulation of experience gained in the design, manufacture and operation of large coal- and oil-fired boilers in the last 20 years. The introduction of 500 MW boilers was not without its problems and this led to the analysis of boiler plant in all its aspects - combustion, furnace heat tranfer, the design of superheaters and reheaters operating in the creep range, boiler tube corrosion and its interaction with creep life, the control of slagging and fouling and the maintenance of boiler efficiency. This volume presents a review of modern practice in the design and operation of large boiler plant covering all aspects including the characteristics and selection of major auxiliaries and the control of gaseous and particulate emissions.

Chemical Engineering: Solutions to the Problems in "Chemical Engineering", Vol 2 (Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering)
J.R. Backhurst, J.H. Harker
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Reactor Design for Chemical Engineers
J.M. Winterbottom (Editor), M.B. King (Editor)
Our Price: £27.25
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Intended primarily for undergraduate chemical-engineering students, this book also includes material which bridges the gap between undergraduate and graduate requirements. The introduction contains a listing of the principal types of reactors employed in the chemical industry, with diagrams and examples of their use. There is then a brief exploration of the concepts employed in later sections for modelling and sizing reactors, followed by basic information on stoichiometry and thermodynamics, and the kinetics of homogeneous and catalyzed reactions. Subsequent chapters are devoted to reactor sizing and modelling in some simple situations, and more detailed coverage of the design and operation of the principal reactor types

Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers
Carl R. Branan
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With hundreds of common sense techniques, shortcuts and calculations, this text helps solve field-engineering problems. Also included are practical tips, formulas, correlations, curves, charts and tables that should save engineers valuable time and effort. It includes added material on fluid flow, long pipe, fractionators, separators and accumulators, cooling towers, gas treating, blending, troubleshooting field cases, gas solubility, and density of irregular solids, supported by conversion tables and a new appendix, "Shortcut Equipment Design Methods".

Working Guide to Process Equipment
Norman Lieberman, Elizabeth T. Lieberman
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This guide offers explanations of the inner workings of equipment in petroleum refineries, chemical and pharmeceutical plants, fertilizer plants and other continuous process facilities.

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Platinum Edition: The Premium Reference Collection (Platinum Edition Series)
Robert H. Perry, Don W. Green
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This handbook on chemical engineering includes topics such as biochemical engineering, waste management, plant safety and analysis of plant performance, expert systems, and material and energy balances. The accompanying CD-ROM version features problem-solving capabilities.

Matheson Gas Data Book
Carl Yaws
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This book has profiles of 80 Gases. Each profiles include Physical Properties; Description; Specifications; Uses; Toxicity; First Aid; Precautions in Handling and Storage; Leak Detection and Control; Disposal of Leaking Cylinders; Analytical Detection; Fire Prevention and Control; Materials of Construction; Cylinder and Valve Description; Safety Devices; Recommended Controls (Automatic Pressure Regulators; Flowmeters; Electronic Mass Flow Controllers); Shipping Regulations; Commercial... read more

Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes
Sami, PhD Matar, Lewis, PhD Hatch
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A study of petrochemical reactions and products, process technology, and polymer synthesis. The book reviews and describes the reactions and processes involved in transforming petroleum-based hydrocarbons into the myriad chemicals that form the basis of the multi-billion dollar petrochemical industry. In addition, there is information on new process developments for the production of raw materials and intermediates for petrochemicals that have surfaced since the book's first edition.

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
Ernest E. Ludwig
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A study of applied process design for chemical and petrochemical plants. This is the third volume in the series, and is revised and expanded in this third edition by more than 200 pages to include technological and process developments in heat transfer, refrigeration, compression and compression surge drums, and mechanical drivers. Like the other volumes in the series, it emphasizes how to apply techniques of process design and how to interpret results into mechanical equipment details. It focuses on the applied aspects of chemical engineering design to aid the design and/or project engineers in rating process requirements, specifying for purchasing purposes, and interpreting and selecting the mechanical equipment needed to satisfy the process functions. Process chemical engineering and mechanical hydraulics are included in the design procedures.

Comput Flow for Model for Chem Reac Engi (PROCESS SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Series, Volume 5)
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There is no other single source which provides the information contained in this book - a must for industry!

Industry has invested substantial funds in computational flow modeling which will pay off only if it can be used to realize significant performance enhancement in chemical reactors.

This book describes how modelling fluid flow in chemical reactors may offer solutions that improve design, operation, and performance of reactors. Computational Flow Modeling for Chemical Reactor Engineering will show the reactor engineer how to define the specific roles of computational flow modelling, select appropriate tools, and apply these tools to link reactor hardware to reactor performance. Overall methodology is illustrated with numerous case studies.

CO2 Conversion and Utilization (ACS Symposium Series)
Chunshan Song (Editor), Anne M. Gaffney (Editor), Kaoru Fujimoto (Editor)
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This book focuses on the chemistry and processes for conversion and utilization of carbon dioxide. Topics include CO2 utilization, its conversion to industrial chemicals and fuels, its coversion via synthesis gas, and new catalysts and chemical processes for conversion.

Handbook of Commercial Catalysts
Howard F. Rase
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Whether called upon to select or improve a catalyst, design a process, diagnose operating problems, or improve existing processes, this handbook seeks to provide the information needed to form a basis for the task. It offers a starting point by presenting a broad overview of 150 major commercial processes and the heterogeneous catalyst used for each. The author has arranged them according to specific reaction or reaction type, and supplies reference citations for deeper research. He offers insights - based on chemistry, thermodynamics, and surface science - that provide a framework for rational reasoning about catalyst performance. Each entry is cross-referenced by reaction, product, and catalyst.

Plantwide Process Control
William L. Luyben, Bjorn D. Tyreus, Michael Luyben
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Process control lore includes tales of multi-million dollar plants that never operated. Though individual controls were well designed, they simply did not work together. This book the first to offer a practical, plantwide approach to preventing such catastrophes. Written by three respected experts and verified in real-life implementations, this book helps you develop effective basic regulator control systems for plants on the drawing board, being revamped, or in full operation. Four realistic case studies (Tennessee-Eastman, isomerization, vinyl acetate, and HDA processes) contribute to making this guide a process control classic.

The aim of this text is to help chemical engineering students and professionals develop effective control structures for chemical and petroleum plants. It suggests that control strategies can be applied to existing plants, not just those that have been newly constructed.

Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations
Nicholas P. Chopey, Nicholas Chopey (Editor)
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Now in an expanded second edition, this book provides a practical approach to solving everyday chemical engineering problems, giving clear, detailed procedures for performing calculations, accompanied by fully worked-out examples. It details solutions to problems in: estimating physical and chemical properties; stoichiometry; phase equilibrium; chemical-reaction equilibrium; chemical-reaction kinetics; flow of fluids and solids; heat transfer; and distillation. New to the second edition are sections on drying, evaporation, absorption and environmental engineering in the process plant, as well as a new emphasis on operations-related problems

Separation Process Technology (Builders' Guides)ÂÂ
Jimmy L. Humphrey
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You can maximize industrial profitability by choosing the right separation process with this authoritative guide. This book will help engineers, chemists, managers, and technicians in the chemical, petroleum, pharaceutical, food, and paper industries maximize profitability by optimizing performance of separation processes. Focusing on the latest distillation, extraction, adsorption, and membrane processes, this up-to-the-minute guide helps you select a cost-effective process; choose a cost-cutting configuration; keep up with cutting-edge technology; and follow up on your choices. Written by two of the leading separation process chemical engineers in the world, this handbook is truly worth its weight in gold to anyone involved in separation process technology.

Standard Tables and Formulae for Chemical Engineers (Professional Engineering)ÂÂ
Janet G. Speight
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This guide aims to help readers to tackle and overcome the toughest computational challenges found in chemical engineering on a day-to-day basis. Whether the problem is in liquid, liquid extraction, process operations or plant design, this book sets out to help you have the job planned and underway quickly and accurately. Specific answers are provided to specific problems. The book contains all of the standardized chemical tables and formulas typically needed by professionals and students. This book provides the necessary information in a quick and concise manner for the various chemical properties and chemical processes of industrial operations. It presents data that can be applied to chemical processing of raw materials into useable products, as well as provide information for chemical-process operations and the design of the equipment. "Standard Tables and Formulae for Chemical Engineers" provides a single comprehensive source data that can be used for designing chemical processes and equipment.

Kirk-Othmer Concise Encyclopedia of Chemical TechnologyÂÂ
D. Kirk, Michalina Bickford
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This compact desk reference is the new single-volume abridgment of the world-renowned "bible" of chemical technology, the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemcial Technology. Masterfully distilling the essence of this larger work into a useful daily tool, it makes the parent Encyclopedia's comprehensive, authoraitative, and lucidly-written data instantly available in an extremely convenient and user-friendly form.

Like it's predecesor, this indispensible A-to-Z reference features over 1,000 lucidly written entries spanning the entire field of chemical technology and all the important chemical industries. Coverage includes biotechnology, analytical techniques, environmental concerns, fuels, solid-state chemistry, materials, process development and design, regulations, patents and licensing, marketing and economic data and more

Gas Separation by Adsorption Processes (Series on Chemical Engineering)ÂÂ
Ralph T. Yang (Editor)
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Offers a complete treatise on all aspects of adsorptive processes. The text covers all fundamental principles as well as process design and simulation of gas adsorption processes for separation and purification.

Crude Oil Waxes, Emulsions and AsphaltenesÂÂ
J.R. Becker
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Our Price: £47.47

A consultant for chemical companies involved in oilfield technology explains the physical chemical problems associated with petroleum byproducts that cause equipment failure, plug pipelines, and decrease throughput, and describes some of the new technologies for dealing with the problems. Considers

Chemical Reaction Engineering Handbook of Solved ProblemsÂÂ
Stanley M. Walas
Our Price: £119.00

Reactors are the basic equipment in any chemical plant. This collection of solved problems in elementary chemical reaction kinetics describes their process design from an engineer's point of view. Each chapter begins with a brief statement of definition and theory accompanied by original problems and others modified from existing literature. The book covers numerical techniques, analysis of rate data, sizes and performances of ideal reactors, residence time distributions and performance of non-ideal models, solid catalysed reactions, behaviour of porous catalysts, and reactions between multiple phases including biochemical processes. The problems, numbering over 1000, are classified into 54 categories. Solutions are mostly presented as graphs or tables with some key theoretical developments given in problem form.

Handbook of Psychrometric Charts: Humidity Diagrams for EngineersÂÂ
D.C. Shallcross

In chemical, petroleum, air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering, the engineer often encounters systems where gases and condensing vapours co-exist. Key data describing the behaviour of such mixtures can be obtained by consulting an appropriate psychometric chart. This book brings together over 270 such charts, covering most of the systems likely to be encountered by chemical, petroleum, air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers. The condition of a mixture of a gas and a condensing vapour can be represented by a single point on an appropriate psychrometric chart. This point can usually be fixed using two pieces of data and, once defined, the chart can be used to determine other information concerning the gas mixture. For example, if a point is defined using the dry bulb temperature of a mixture and its relative humidity, a range of other properties, such as dew point, specific volume, specific enthalpy, absolute humidity and adiabatic saturation temperature can easily be found without recourse to lengthy calculation. In this book, following an introductory chapter on the construction and use of the charts, over 270 charts covering a wide range of systems at various temperatures and pressures are presented. These charts are based on a model characterizing the behaviour of the vapour phase using the Virial Equation of State and take into account the solubility of gas components in the condensed vapour. In use they offer the engineer rapid access to accurate, concise and otherwise difficult to obtain data. This book should be of interest to: chemical and environmental engineers in private consulting firms and government agencies; mechanical and petroleum engineers in similar firms; and lecturers in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and air conditioning engineering.

Pump HandbookÂÂ
Igor J. Karassik, Joseph P. Messina, Paul Cooper, Charles C. Heald, Linda Ludewig (Editor)
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A major revision of McGraw-Hill's classic handbook that provides practical data and know-how on the design, application, specification, purchase, operation, troublshooting, and maintenance of pumps of every type. It is an essential working tool for engineers in a wide variety of industries all those who are pump specialists, in addition to those who need to acquaint themselves with pump technology. Contributed to by over 75 distinguished professionals and specialists in each and every area of practical pump technology.

Pumps for Chemical ProcessingÂÂ
J.T. McGuire

Pressure Vessel HandbookÂÂ
Eugene F. Megyesy (Unknown)
US List Price: $118.00
Our Price: £74.73

Pressure Safety Design Practices for Refinery and Chemical OperationsÂÂ
Nicholas P Cheremisinoff
Our Price: £94.00

Petroleum Refinery ManualÂÂ
H M Noel

Petroleum Refinery EngineeringÂÂ
Wilbur L Nelson

Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language (Pennwell Nontechnical Series)ÂÂ
William L. Leffler
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Used Price: £46.23

Pocket Guide to Flanges, Fittings & Piping DataÂÂ
R.R. Lee
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This second edition contains the complete definitions and descriptions of all ANSI and API piping materials. Flanges, fittings, bolts and gaskets are explained clearly, with photographs and tables presenting visual answers for pipe fitting problems. New information is included on pipeline pigs, pig launchers and pig receivers, with illustrations of the various types available. New tabular information in the first section of the book gives suggested materials for use in different line services temperatures, and a section on unit conversion has been added.

Distillation: Principles and PracticeÂÂ
Johann Stichlma, James Fair
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Distillation is the most widely used industrial method of separating liquid mixtures and represents one of the most important processes conducted in chemical and petroleum plants. Written by experts in the field, this title is the most complete source of information on distillation ever published

Surface Production Operations: Design of Oil Handling Systems and FacilitiesÂÂ
K. Arnold, M. Stewart
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A text/reference for a production facility design course in petroleum engineering programs, presenting basic concepts and techniques in designing, specifying, and managing oil field surface production facilities. Describes equipment and processes commonly used in oil-water separating and treating

Pipe Drafting and Design: WorkbookÂÂ
Roy A. Parisher, Robert A. Rhea

A supplement for "Pipe Drafting and Design", this student workbook contains a brief description of the problems in the text, as well as instructions necessary to satisfactorily solve the problems using both manual and AutoCAD methods. Included are problems relating to fitting, flange and valve sizing, assembled piping configurations, piping isometrics; dimensioning of piping isometrics, fraction-to-decimal and decimal-to-fraction conversions, right-triangle calculations, rolling offset development and dimensioning and a comprehensive flow diagram and piping plan project. A computer disk containing AutoCAD problems is also included.

Applied Subsurface Geological MappingÂÂ
Daniel Tearpock, Richard Bischke
error-file:TidyOut.log Our Price: £95.99

This is a complete, practical, up-to-the-minute guide to the use of subsurface mapping and cross-section techniques in the search for oil and gas deposits. Daniel Tearpock - one of the fields leading consultants - offers systematic coverage of the fields key principles and newest advances. The book will be invaluable to every engineer involved in exploration and exploitation - and will be especially useful in the "detailed second look" applications that can identify large new reserves in areas that are maturely developed.

KEY TOPICS- This thoroughly updated and expanded Second Edition brings together a wealth of information from the published literature, as well as significant material never before published. Tearpock introduces key subsurface mapping and cross section techniques applicable to all four major petroleum-related tectonic settings- extensional, compressional, diapiric salt, and strike-slip tectonics. He also reflects significant improvements in the understanding and use of computer-based log correlation, cross section construction, and 3D seismic interpretation. The books techniques for correctly mapping well data and structural balancing are exceptionally well suited for "detailed second looks" at fields that have already been exploited.

MARKET- For all geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, and chemical engineers who prepare subsurface geological maps in connection with oil and gas exploration; and for supervisors, managers, technical assistants, and others who rely on those maps.

Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers (McGraw-Hill International Editions: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Series)ÂÂ
Max S. Peters, Klaus Timmerhaus, Ronald West

This new edition contains chapters on process synthesis, computer-aided design and design of chemical reactors. The economic analysis has been updated. Numerous real examples include computer or hand solutions, with an increased emphasis on computer use in design, economic evaluation and optimization. Concepts, strategies and approaches to computer use are featured. These are not tied to particular software programs and therefore apply to a wide range of applications software.

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants: Distillation and Packed TowersÂÂ
Ernest E., PE Ludwig
error-file:TidyOut.log List Price: £94.00
Our Price: £84.60

This revised edition covers the technical performance and mechanical details of converting the chemical and petrochemical process into appropriate hardware for distillation and packed towers. It incorporates recent advances and several major innovations in distillation and contracting devices and new generations of packing. In addition, this edition reflects the significant progress that has been made in process design techniques in recent years. As with previous editions, this version enhances its practicality by adding example calculation techniques for preparing preliminary and final rating designs. Although in some instances it includes manufacturers' procedures (with permission), notes clearly indicate when manufacturers should verify results. Throughout the text, illustrations and rating charts contribute to the book's utility, providing the process designer/engineer greater latitude in evaluating processes and selecting hardware for various applications. In addition, it includes findings from recent literature to provide alternate design methods that give the designer new ways to verify calculations.

Unified Fracture DesignÂÂ
Ronald Oligney, M Economides

This work unites the gap between the theory and practice of what is arguably the most common stimulation/well completion technique in petroleum production--fracturing. Even more important, the book takes a central position in what is the most critical link in the sequence of events in this type of well stimulation, the sizing and the design of hydraulic fracture treatments.

Pipe Characteristics HandbookÂÂ
Williams Natural Gas Company

error-file:TidyOut.log Modern Well Design

~Bernt S. Aadony
Gulf Publishing
Hardcover - 1 July, 1997
Avg. Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical FacilitiesÂÂ
Our Price: £26.00

Design of Secondary Containment in Petrochemical FacilitiesÂÂ
Our Price: £21.00

Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical FacilitiesÂÂ
Our Price: £35.00

Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Gasoline Vapour Emission ControlsÂÂ
Our Price: £32.00

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Facilities: Design, Operation and TroubleshootingÂÂ
Reza Sadeghbeigi

This thoroughly updated edition of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook provides practical information on the design, operation, troubleshooting, and optimization of fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) facilities. Based on the author’s years of field experience, this expanded, second edition covers the latest technologies to improve the profitability and reliability of the FCC units, and provides several “no-to-low-cost†practical recommendations. A new chapter supplies valuable recommendations for debottlenecking and optimizing the performance of cat cracker operations.

Structural Analysis and Design of Process EquipmentÂÂ
M.H. Jawad, J.A. Farr
error-file:TidyOut.log Our Price: £153.00

A new edition of the standard text/reference for analysis and design of petrochemical process equipment, revised to reflect current practice. Covers the theory of plates and shells and its industrial applications, and provides background for some of the design equations in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII. This Second Edition offers a new chapter on design of power boilers, and existing chapters have been expanded to cover new topics such as toughness criteria, design of expansion joints, and tube-to-tubesheet parameters. Also provides revised coverage of design of water tanks, heat tube exchangers, and noncircular vessels. Appendixes contain extensive data for quick reference.

Ammonia Health and Safety Guide (Health and Safety Guide)ÂÂ
Our Price: £2.25

Cost of Clean Water in Ammonia, Chlor-alkali and Ethylene ProductionÂÂ
Russell G, etc. Thompson (Editor)

DECHEMA Corrosion Handbook: Corrosive Agents and Their Interaction with Materials: Aliphatic Aldehydes, Ammonia and Ammonium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Soil (Underground Corrosion)ÂÂ
Dieter Behrens (Editor)
error-file:TidyOut.log Our Price: £140.00

Ammonia Production: Principles and Industrial PracticeÂÂ
Max Appl
error-file:TidyOut.log Our Price: £80.00

One of the most important commodity chemicals today, ammonia is extensively used in fertilizers, general chemical processing, explosives, solvents, nylons and other polymers, polyurethanes, foam rubber, aluminum etching, cleaning agents, pharmaceuticals, and more. Written by a well-known industry expert, this book provides a detailed overview of the industry--including the historical perspective through industrial processes, the setup and revamping of ammonia production plants, storage and shipping, environmental and economic considerations, and future trends.

Ammonia: Catalysis and ManufactureÂÂ
A. Nielsen (Editor)

Ammonia is one of the 10 largest commodity chemicals produced. The editor, Anders Nielsen, is research director with one of the largest industrial catalyst producers. He has compiled a complete reference on all aspects of catalytical ammonia production in industry, from thermodynamics and kinetics to reactor and plant design. One chapter deals with safety aspects of ammonia handling and storage.

Sulphur, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphuric Acid: Industrial Chemistry and TechnologyÂÂ
U F H, etc. Sander
Our Price: £30.00

After the excellent works by Fairlie (prewar)and Duecker and West (pre DCDA)an equally authentic and authoratitive reference, updating the information and knowledge and state of the art, was gravely missed by industry. This book has impeccable credentials- both for authencity and depth- written as it is by experts from Lurgi, and published by British Sulphur, the most reverred and authoritative sources for information on Sulphuric Acid. Concern for a cleaner environment, maximising the energy recovery, and built-in reliability are the key issues in Sulphuric Acid industry. The authors have provided intensive data and information on all these aspects, making this work the most reverred source for those having anything to do with Sulphuric Acid production and plant design.

Advances in Nitric Acid Manufacture (Proceedings of the Fertiliser Society)ÂÂ
M. Maurer
Our Price: £12.50

Recent Advances in Catalyst Technology Used in Nitric Acid Production (Proceedings of the Fertiliser Society)ÂÂ
Stephane Marret, Louis du Chatelier
error-file:TidyOut.log Our Price: £12.50

Solutions to Various Engineering Problems in Nitric Acid and Fertiliser Plants (Proceedings of the Fertiliser Society)ÂÂ
Otto von Bertele
error-file:TidyOut.log Our Price: £12.50

Phosphoric Acid: Outline of the IndustryÂÂ
C M, etc. Wahba
Our Price: £172.00

Economics of the Mineral Industries (Seeley W. Mudd Series)
William A. Vogely (Editor)
US List Price: $50.00
Our Price: 31.67

Chemicals and Long-term Economic Growth: Insights from the Chemical Industry
Ashish Arora (Editor), Ralph Landau (Editor)
Our Price: 62.50
"...a source of inspiration, full of brilliant insights from the chemical industry since it started 150 years ago. Scientists, policy-makers and business leaders should benefit from careful reading of the excellent analysis it presents..."

Strategic Nonfuel Minerals and Western Security
Rocco Michael Paone
Our Price: 31.50
Used Price: 12.00

Out of Thin Air: A History of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., 1940-1990
Andrew J. Butrica

Our Price: 56.50
Used Price: 33.90

Mineral Processing Technology: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery
Barry A. Wills
Our Price: 31.99

This work provides practicing engineers and students of mineral processing, metallurgy and mining with a review of the common ore-processing techniques utilized in modern installations. Each chapter encompasses all the recent technical developments which are advancing at a rapid rate to deal with the processing of increasingly complex and refactory ores. New equipment and process routes are also discussed. This latest edition highlights the developments and the challenges facing the mineral processor, particularly with regard to the environmental problems posed in improving the efficiency of the existing processes and also in dealing with the waste created. Four appendices are attached, one of which contains a collection of BASIC computer programs. The work is indexed and referenced.

Modeling and Simulation of Mineral Processing Systems
Peter R. King
FONT face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size=-1>Our Price: 40.00

Covers all aspects of modeling and simulation in the field of mineral processing.Includes a CD ROM that provides the necessary tools to put the theory into practice.Covers each of the major unit operations that are used in the mineral processing industry.

Dr. R. Peter King covers the field of quantitative modeling of mineral processing equipment and the use of these models to simulate the actual behaviour of ore dressing and coal washing as they are configured to work in industrial practice.

Information Synthesis for Mineral Exploration (Spatial Information Systems)
Goucheng Pan, DeVerle P. Harris
List Price: 69.50
Our Price: 62.55

The advent of image processing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has made a substantial impact in the fields of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and remote sensing. Addressing this development, this work provides a state-of-the-art overview of techniques for analysing and combining geoscience data sets for mineral exploration

Mineral Processing Plant Design
Denver, 1978. Mineral Processing Plant Design Sumposium, Andrew L. Mular, Roshan Boman Bhappu

Mineral Processing: Laboratory Manual (Series on Mining Engineering, Vol 9)
A.Z.-M. Abouzeid

Mineral Processing Technology: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery (Materials Science and Technology Monographs)
B A Wills

Circulating Load: Practical Mineral Processing Plant Design by an Old-Time Ore Dresser
Robert Shoemaker
Our Price: 38.00
This how-to guide is loaded with innovative ideas and practical solutions to some of the most troublesome minerals processing challenges. From mess-free flooring to inventive crusher and conveyor designs to time-saving quality control techniques, this reference of tips and tricks, is full of fresh approaches to age-old problems that can inhibit mill operating performance. Veteran metallurgical engineer Bob Shoemaker spent his 40-year career seeking out better ways to design and manage minerals processing operations. Visiting dozens of plants worldwide, he witnessed some of the industry's best ingenuity at work. He also saw his share of mistakes. Part engineering, part common sense, this treasure trove of tips and tricks presents new and smarter ways to manage minerals processing.
Mineral Processing in Developing Countries
Organic Synthesis: Workbook
C. Bittner
Our Price: 19.99

Organic Synthesis Workbook: A Training Course in Total Synthesis
J.A. Gewert, et al
US List Price: $36.00
Our Price: 22.80

From the foreword written by Erick M. Carreira:

“… The Organic Synthesis Workbook is an ideal compilation of state-of-the-art modern synthesis which wonderfully showcases the latest advances in synthetic chemistry in combination with fundamentals in a question-and-answer format. The structure of the book is such that the reader can appreciate the intricacies of strategic planning, reagent tailoring, and structural analysis within the context of the individual synthetic chemistry... read more

Name Reactions: A Collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms
E.J. Corey (Foreword), Jie J. Li
Our Price: 56.00
Used Price: 79.95

Name Reactions" combines the name reactions in organic chemistry with the mechanisms and arrow-pushing features of them. It covers over 300 name reactions, both classical as well as the latest important name reactions for organic synthesis. Each reaction is described by its arrow-pushing detailed mechanism and supplemented by its earliest and latest references. Thus it should be a valuable book for senior undergraduate and graduate students for their exams in organic chemistry.

Synthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry
Gregory S. Girolami, Thomas B. Rauchfuss, Robert J. Angelici
Our Price: 32.95
Used Price: 38.64

This well-known laboratory manual introduces students to modern synthetic and instrumental techniques currently used in inorganic chemistry. The new Third Edition has been updated to reflect the latest developments in inorganic chemistry - giving greater emphasis to applications related to biochemistry and materials science. But the book retains many distinguishing features of previous editions, such as closely associating synthesis and characterization methods and highlighting a particular technique with each experiment.

The Encyclopedia of Mass Spectrometry: Organic, Environmental and Materials Applications
M. L. Gross
US List Price: $390.50
Our Price: 247.31

Water Quality Data: Analysis and Interpretation
A.W. Hounslow
Our Price: 100.18

This guide emphasizes the practical importance of water analyses, with major applications in groundwater pollution and contaminant transport. The accompanying computer disk is designed to help in obtaining accurate, reproducible results, and alleviate the drudgery involved in water analysis.

Quantitative Millimetre Wavelength Spectrometry (RSC Analytical Spectroscopy Monographs)
J.F. Alder, J. Baker
US List Price: $99.00
Our Price: 62.70

Designed for practitioners in both industry and academia, this book demonstrates the current status and future potential of millimetre wavelength (MMW) spectrometry as a means of quantitative analysis of gaseous mixtures. After outlining the spectroscopic theory required, the authors discuss the components of an MMW cavity spectrometer, concentrating on compact, automatic, low-cost instruments. They then cover solid state MMW sources with cryogenically cooled and room temperature detectors, post-detector signal processing, smoothing, filtering and spectral profile fitting. The book concludes with a look at the future of the technique, in areas such as millimetre wave-over-fibre technology.

Structure Determination of Organic Compounds: Tables of Spectral Data
E. Pretsch, P. Buehlmann, C. Affolter
Our Price: 27.00
Used Price: 34.53

This volume presents in the form of texts, tables, charts and graphs, a modern compilation of spectroscopic reference data for IR, UV/Vis, 1H- and 13C-NMR, MS (including prototype spectra of almost every important class of organic compounds and spectra of MALDI and FAB matrix materials) and is intended as a short textbook and a hands-on guide for interpreting experimental spectral data and elucidating the chemical structure of the respective compound behind it. The concise texts include special chapters on fragmentation rules in mass spectrometry and on currently used multipulse and 2-D NMR techniques. The book is primarily designed for students to be used during courses and exercises. The use of the book requires only basic knowledge of spectroscopic techniques, but is structured in such a way that it will support practitioneers routinely faced with the task of interpreting such spectral information, and it hopes to serve as data reference for specialists in the fields.

Introduction to Environmental Analysis (Analytical Techniques in the Sciences)
Roger N. Reeve
Our Price: 80.00

Provides information on the application of analytical techniques, such as GC, LC, IR, and XRF for analysing and measuring water, solid and atmospheric samples and for monitoring environmental pollutants. * Emphasizes Field Analysis, reflecting the growing application of this technique

* Information on sampling strategies - reflecting growth in this area * Includes sections on solid and liquid extraction techniques * Ideal as a self-study aid or as a taught course

Determination of Organic Compounds in Natural and Treated Waters
T.R. Crompton
US List Price: $184.00
Our Price: 116.53

This text opens with a brief discussion of the current analytical techniques employed in the determination of organics in water, followed by a description of organic compounds in all natural and treated water types. A series of tables facilitate rapid access to specific topics, for example the determination of chlorinated insecticides in rain. This book is a reference for analytical chemists working in government and non-government organizations and regulatory agenices, those working in industry in the water utilites, chemical and tobacco companies, and for environmental and analytical consultants.

Edible Oil Processing (Chemistry and Technology of Oils and Fats)
Wolf Hamm, Richard J. Hamilton
Our Price: 85.00
A volume that presents, at professional and reference level, the state of the art of the edible oils industry, considering isseus of both chemistry and process engineering. Information is included on the types and characteristics of oils to be processed, their sources and their principal fields of application. Changes in the pattern of oil demand are also considered

Organic Analytical Chemistry: Theory and Practice
Jag Mohan
Our Price: 59.00

Rapid developments in analytical techniques and the use of modern reagents in organic synthesis during the last two decades have revolutionized the approach to organic structure determination. As advanced topics in organic analysis such as spectroscopic methods are being introduced, postgraduate students (majoring in organic chemistry) have been feeling handicapped by the nonavailability of a book that could uncover various aspects of qualitative and quantitative organic analysis. This text is written primarily to stimulate their interest. Key features include: identification and characterization of organic compounds by classical methods; mechanisms of various reactions involved in the detection of functional groups and their derivatization; functional groups interfering with a given test procedure; identification of organic compounds by spectral methods (IR, UV, NMR and mass spectrometry); general techniques for separation and purification; preparation of organic compound based on important name reaction and pharmaceutical properties; mechanisms of the reactions involved in the synthesis; simple analytical techniques and specific methods of quantitative element, functional groups and biochemical estimations; and incorporating ample modern techniques of organic analysis

Environmental Particles (IUPAC Environmental Analytical and Physical Chemical Series)
Jacques Buffle (Editor), Herman P. van Leeuwen (Editor)
This text presents a critical review of the sampling, characterization and behaviour of particles in air, surface and ground water, sediments and soils. It analyzes the formation, aggregation, transport and conversion of particles, and it evaluates the capabilities of physical and chemical methods of analysis. The book also discusses physico-chemical properties of environmental particles, their spectroscopic characterization and colloid chemical properties and how they affect biochemical and/or toxicological processes. It should be a useful reference for environmental chemists and physicists, limnologists, oceanographers, air and soil scientists, analytical chemists, environmental engineers and students.

CRC Handbook of Organic Analytical Reagents
Keihi Ueno, Toshiaki Imamura, K.L. Cheng
Our Price: 200.00

This is a source book of physico-chemical properties, preparation and analytical applications of the most commonly-used organic reagents. This volume includes data on 40 new reagents (such as ultra-high sensitive azo dyes fluorescent calcium indicators, and chromogenic crown ethers and porphyrin reagents), a new Reagent Index listing reagents according to the elements to be assayed, and completely updated references. Each entry contains information on synonyms, sources and methods of synthesis, analytical applications, complex reactions and the properties of complexes, purification and purity of the reagent, and other reagents with a related structure.
Hansen Solubility Parameters: A User's Handbook
C.M. Hansen
Our Price: 99.00

This handbook focuses on Hansen Solubility Parametres. Charles Hansen began his work with solvents in 1962 and almost immediately began producing new and groundbreaking results. Since then, his Hansen Solubility Parametres have been extensively used and have proven valuable to a variety of industries, including coatings, adhesives, plastics, protective clothing and environmental protection. They allow correlations and systematic comparisons previously not possible such as polymer solubility, swelling and permeation, surface wetting and dewetting, the solubility of organic salts, and many biological applications. Until now, however, their seemingly universal ability to predict molecular affinities has been generally taken as semiempirical.

Ionic Equilibrium: Solubility and PH Calculations
James N. Butler
Our Price: 73.50

This is by far the best textbook on chemical equilibria I know. It is an absolute must for anyone using electrolyte solutions in his research. I wish the book a very wide distribution. Students should not hesitate to purchase a private copy and for libraries it is mandatory to have on the shelf."

Handbook of Heat Transfer
Warren M. Rohsenow, James Hartnett, Young I. Cho
US List Price: $150.00
Our Price: 95.00
Used Price: 86.11

This text offers advice on advances in heat transfer technology, providing the information needed to solve a variety of heat transfer problems. This edition is now published in one volume, not two, and has eliminated much of the theory, concentrating instead on practical applications, including presenting recent findings on conduction, convection, radiation, and multi-phase heat transfer. In addition, there are new chapters on microscale heat transfer, and heat transfer in porous media and

Hydrodynamics, Mass and Heat Transfer in Chemical Engineering (Topics in Chemical Engineering)
A.D Polyanin, A.M. Kutepov, A.V. Vyazmin, D.A. Kazenin
This volume contains a concise and systematic exposition of fundamental problems of hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer, and physicochemical hydrodynamics, which constitute the theoretical basis of chemical engineering in science. Areas covered include: fluid flows; processes of chemical engineering; mass and heat transfer in plane channels, tubes and fluid films; problems of mass and heat transfer; the motion and mass exchange of power-law and viscoplastic fluids through tubes, channels and films, and the basic concepts and properties of very specific technological media, namely foam systems. Topics are arranged in increasing order of difficulty, with each section beginning with a brief physical and mathematical statement of the problem considered, followed by final results, usually given for the desired variables in the form of final relationships and tables.

Transport Processes in Chemically R
US List Price: $24.95
UK Equivalent: 15.80
Our Price: 14.22
You Save: 1.58 (10%)
Used Price: 14.04

Unified Analysis and Solutions of Heat and Mass Diffusion
M. D.; Ozisik, M. N. Mikhailov
US List Price: $15.95
Our Price: 10.10

Diffusion: Mass Transfer in Fluid Systems (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering)
E. L. Cussler
Our Price: 31.95

Diffusion is as central to our daily lives as it is to the chemical industry. It is a spontaneous mixing process basic to such diverse phenomena as transport in living cells, the efficiency of distillation, and the dispersal of pollutants. This second edition of a highly acclaimed text provides a clear and complete description of diffusion in fluids. It retains the features that won praise for the first edition - informal style, emphasis on physical insight and basic concepts, and lots of simple examples. The new edition offers increased coverage of unit operations, with chapters on absorption, distillation, extraction and adsorption. New chapters on membranes and drug release broaden the book's scope. The entire text is extensively illustrated, and many new worked examples and homework problems have been added.

Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering: Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering)
J.F. Richardson, J. Coulson
Our Price: 29.99

A logical progression of chemical engineering concepts, volume 2 builds on fundamental principles contained in Chemical Engineering volume 1. Fully up to date and containing descriptions of techniques that are of growing importance. Reflects the growth in complexity and stature of chemical engineering over the last few years.
Chemical Engineering Volume 2 covers the properties of particulate systems, including the character of individual particles and their behaviour in fluids. Sedimentation of particles, both singly and at high concentrations, flow in packed and fluidised beads and filtration are then examined

Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions
Jerzy Baldyga, John R. Bourne
Our Price: 220.00

The product distribution of fast, multiple reactions is often strongly influenced by the way in which reagents are mixed together. This connection between chemistry and technology has important consequences for the economy and ecology of industrial processes. The authors have written a coherent coverage of the various theoretical and practical aspects of the coupling between mixing and chemical reactions. They have bridged the gap between the advances in the field of turbulence and methods used..

Modeling Vapor-Liquid Equilibria: Cubic Equations of State and Their Mixing Rules (Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering)
Hasan Orbey, Stanley I. Sandler
Our Price: 55.00
Cubic equations of state are frequently used in the chemical and petroleum industries to model complex phase behavior and to design chemical processes. Recently developed mixing rules have greatly increased the accuracy and range of applicability of such equations. This book presents a state-of-the-art review of this increasingly important topic and discusses the use of cubic equations of state to model the vapor-liquid behavior of mixtures of all degrees of nonideality. A special feature of the book is that it includes a disk of computer programs for all the models discussed, along with tutorials on their use. With the programs and tutorials, readers can easily reproduce the results reported and test all the models presented with their own data to decide which will be most useful in their own work. This book will be an invaluable tool for chemical engineers, research chemists, and those involved in the simulation and design of chemical processes.

Mixing of Solids (Particle Technology Series)
Ralfe Weinekotter, Hermann Gericke (Editor)
US List Price: $75.00
Our Price: 47.50

The mixing of solids, powders, granules, fibres and flakes represents one of the essential basic processes for the production of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, dyestuffs, detergents and intermediate materials. This book covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the mixing of solids and presents an overview as well as detailed know-how and experience. The book demonstrates the state of the art of mixing and segregation technology, quality control, design of mixers, design scale-up and engineering of complete processes. Various designs of batch and continuous mixers are analyzed. Checklists for the layout of mixing and processing plants, the criteria for the selecting of batch or continuous process and examples of installed mixing systems are given as helpful tools for mechanical, chemical and process engineers and chemists involved in the planning, engineering and operating of such systems.

The Natural Paint Book: A Complete Guide to Natural Paint, Recipes, and Finishes
Julia Lawless, Lynn Edwards
US List Price: $24.95
UK Equivalent: 15.80
Our Price: 14.22
You Save: 1.58 (10%)


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