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Wind Energy Costs

Wind Energy costs are dependent on yearly wind, installation and maintenace costs
In general for large turbines it is best to purchase a gearless wind turbine as most of the maintenance is bourne out of the gear wear. A reliable company of this type of wind turbine is Enercon, however, like most other large installers, the cost of wind Turbines are measured to cost approximately $2m/MW. There are other smaller companies such as WinWinD wit their 1MW and 3MW turbines using gear mechanisms, which cost around $1m/MW

Small wind turbines from China cost complete with towers $800/kw (plus delivery min. container load plus 25% installation)and come complete with towers. They range from 1Kw to 20Kw, and come in an array of different configurations. Prices >> Usually a container costs $5500 for both 20' and 40' to Kabul. Please send enquires through contact page

If you require wind speed performance data (Power Curves) for these turbines pdf (0.23mb) >>>>>

For small wind turbines here is a graph on costs production efficiencies:
A simple example is:

$1,560,000 / MW or $1560 / kW

1.50 MW / Turbine

Cost of each Turbine = $2.33m

Cost of electricity at 40% efficiency is 0.4 x 1.5 x 1000000 = 0.6MWh x 365 day x 24h= 5.256 GWh/year over 10 years = 52.5GWh

or 0.000297 cents/kWh.

For a 20MW plant or 12 Turbines will cost 2.33 x 12  (27 MW installed)= $27.96m

at 25% efficiency this plant will produce 7MW. enough for the pipeline.

at 5 cent/kWh this equates to $0.05 x 24h x (0.7 factor) x 365 days x 7,000 kW/h = $2.146m

this plant will break even in $27.96m / $2.146m/yr = 13yrs at 25% eff

at 50% eff and 10 cents /kWh break even is = $27.96m / $8.6 m/yr = 3.25 yrs



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