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The Present and future look at Polysilicon

High purity polysilicon is the base material predominantly for IC Integrated Circuits and Solar Panels. Presently there is a short supply for this material and due to global warming and the price of fuel, the stock of pure silicon has been steadily decreasing to a point where nowadays the contract rate is about $70/kg and the spot rate is near $200 plus.

The following pages relate to the present situation:

The Polysilicon Crunch
2006 report on the state of play with world supply of polysilicon
China's present role in Polysilicon
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It is therefore noteworthy that any company able to produce pure polysilicon ingot at a reasonable price within the next few years, should be able to be successful in this market.

Traditional ways of producing polysilicon are Silicon to Polysilicon

Silicon manufacturing to Wafers & Cells Cells and Wafer Manufacture


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