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  • Aeromax Corporation - Small wind turbines for residential applications, as well as small village use in developing countries. Includes usage descriptions and system components.
    Lakota - 900w at 28mph 125kWhrs/month @10mph Avg - 2Meter diameter 3.43SqM - Precision, low inertia - Advanced Carbon Fiber - "Stealth-Acoustic" blade technology - 7 times stiffer than steel, no flutter, low noise , more energy - Upward furling design does not hide from the wind - Produces full power even beyond 60mph winds
  • Alternative Energy Generation -, Wind Turbine packages from 300W to 20kW, authorised dealer for Samrey Wind Turbines, manufactured in UK, Models include Wren, Mistral and Merlin.
  • Ampair - Small wind turbines for battery charging e.g. on sailboats
  • Arman Co. - Manufacturer of small horizontal axis, down-wind, wind turbines 2.5kW, 5kW, and 10kW. Manufactured in Iran.
  • Atlantic Power Master - Manufacturer of small wind turbines and renewable energy systems based in Ireland.
  • Bergey Windpower Co - Bergey is an American company that produces a line of small wind machines.
  • blueEnergy - blueEnergy is a nonprofit organization preparing to manufacture and sell micro wind turbines for rural electrification in Central America.
  • Cleanfield Energy Corp. - Developer, manufacturer and marketer of rooftop wind turbines and other renewable energy products.
  • Electro Vent - A Canadian small wind turbine company produces an off grid ultra small wind machine.
  • ElectroSfera "Wind generators" - The first “Breeze-Leader” was installed on the bank of Moscow-river.. The wind generator with 5 KW capacity and 18 m tower was installed in Fedino village, Ramenskiy district, Moscow region.
  • Eoltec Wind Turbines - This French Company produces two small wind machines: 5 kw and 25 kw wind turbines
  • Flowtrack Wind Turbine - 5KW, up wind, horizontal axis, two bladed machine. Designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • fu-jin corporation - This Japanese company has a vortex small wind machine. It uses a weather vane to place the shroud into the wind. This site is written in Japanese.
  • Ginlong Technologies - Specialists in manufacturing, providing consultation and design services for a range of small wind turbine parts and systems. China.
  • Gusto Energy Systems - Small wind turbines designed, manufactured and marketed in NZ.
  • Heyde-Windtechnik - This wind turbine has no longer a wind vane to turn the turbine in the wind bed, but a motor drive. Diameter: 7 meters; power: 10 kW. No gearbox. The Greentec 2000 and 8000 have a strange upper turning tower design. They are designed for low wind regions and start at 1.8 m/s.
  • Home Page of Shield Ltd. - Finland has a different kind of wind turbine on the market.
  • Huamin Windpower Inc. - The China's leading supplier of small wind turbines
  • INVENTUS GmbH - Windkraftanlagen - WENUS: 4 blade pitch regulated wind turbines (Inventus 6), 6 kW, 6 m wind turbine for battery charging and grid connexion:
  • Iskra Wind Turbines - Description of Iskra (UK) and its AT5-1 wind turbine. More energy at low wind speeds, high reliability, straight-forward installation.
  • J.Bornay Aerogeneradores - Small wind turbine manufacturer in Spain.
  • K & J Magnetics Incorporated - This company sells magnets for permanent magnet alternators. Some people want to build their own alternators.
  • Kestrel Wind Turbines-Home - South Africa has a small wind turbine manufacturer.
  • LEIGER - Spanish company produces a line of small wind machines
  • Marlec Engineering Co. Ltd. - Manufacture small wind generators for marine, lighting ant telecom applications.
  • Mikes Windmill Shop - Offers ordering, parts, and group information.
  • Millennium Wind Power Systems - Millennium produces a number of small wind turbines which range from 300 watts to 20 kw.
  • MKW Group - English company developing a new 20 kw wind system.
  • OK Enterprises - Purchase a wind generator made from easily found hardware and auto parts, or purchase complete, detailed, plans and drawings to build your own.
  • Pioneer Systems Alternative Energy Power Sources - Wind power turbines and generators, solar electric, battery powered AC for remote sites, remote telecommunications
  • Pitch Wind - Swedish manufacturer of small wind turbines, e.g. for farmers and remote islands
  • Proven Wind Turbines - Design, manufacture and implementation of renewable energy components and systems.
  • quietrevolution Ltd - They have produced an elegant vertical-axis wind turbine. It describes the product, press it has received, and technical specifications.
  • - This Scottish company has designed a new small wind turbine that is capable of being mounted on a roof of a house.
  • Ropatec AG - This German company produces a boxy looking, vertical axis small wind turbine.
  • Small Turbine Entrepreneurs - A company that produces small wind machines has provided a list of wind turbine manufacturers and dealers to further enhance the list here.
  • Small Wind Turbine Businesses Worldwide - A comprehensive buyer's guide to more than 160 small wind turbine manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and installers worldwide.
  • Solar Wind & Water International - Wholesale and Retail business of Wind Generators, Solar Panels, Renewable Energy, batteries, inverters, grid intertie, electric bikes and scooters, sales and service
  • Soluciones Energéticas - This company produces several small wind turbines for both utility interconnect and dc changing. They also produce their own inverters and controllers.
  • Solwind - This company produces a small vertical axis wind machine. New Zealand.
  • Southwest Windpower - Manufacturer of small battery charging wind turbines.
  • - Here is a Chinese company producing a line of small wind turbines.
  • superwind GmbH - The superwind GmbH manufactures small high quality wind generators for professional use. Application area: navigational aids sailing yachts traffic-control systems measurement systems mountain sheds rural electrification
  • SVIAB - Swedish manufacturer of small wind turbines for battery charging
  • Tairui Windpower Co. - Manufacturer of small wind turbines in China. Produces small wind generator from 300w to 20kw.
  • Travere Industries S.A.S. - Specialized in renewable energy by wind power and design wind turbines to electrify remote areas, homes, villages, pumps stations, Agricultural farming and other applications.
  • Vaigunth EnerTek(P) Ltd. - Indian company manufacturing Small Wind Turbines from 200 W to 25 kW.
  • VENTERA 12kW Wind & Solar Hybrid Energy System - Introducing the new VENTERA 12kW wind & solar hybrid system
  • Vergnet - This is a French company involved in producing a line of horizontal axis small wind machines
  • Westwind Wind Turbines - Wind turbines rated at 2.5kW, 5kW and 10 kW are manufactured. The most common application is for charging the batteries of power systems in remote areas away from electricity grids. From Australia.
  • Wind Energy Solutions - Production and installation of windturbines form 300 watt up to 600 kwatt. Wind/diesel hybrid systems for small and isolated grids.
  • Wind Generators - Wind generator plans, blades and links for a Dragonfly low cost proven wind generator.
  • WIND TURBINE - Products of ICPE S.A. - Romania
  • Wind Turbine Industries Corp. - Manufacturer of the Jacobs wind turbines. They are an upwind, horizontal axis. There are five models available: 10 kw to 20 kw.
  • Windmission - Manufacture small wind turbine systems. Denmark.
  • Windside - Manufacturer of vertical axis small wind machines.
  • World Wind Turbine Factory - A Chineese company involved in small wind turbine manufacturing.


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