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Solar Home System SHS 200


Solar Home System
 SHS 200

Solar Home System for rural electrification

Provides up to 200 Wh free electricity every day

Supplied as a complete package

Easy to install and operate

Limited maintenance

Very reliable

Excellent cost/performance ratio

Unique performance warranty


Solar Home System SHS 200




The SHS 200 is standard Solar Home System designed to provide electricity to individual households and small public utilities. The SHS 200 packages are available as a complete system ready for installation and direct use.

The SHS 200 is offered with an energy efficient lighting set comprising 3 lamps including fittings. This lighting set is in compliance with the most stringent efficiency, lifetime and radio interference requirements in the market.

Under typical weather conditions the available electricity per day will be up to 200 Watt-hours.

System configuration:

In order to offer the market a reliable and long lasting Solar Home System, we only apply components that have been well tested and proven in tropical conditions.

The SHS 200 package contains all necessary components and mounting materials ready for easy installation of the complete Solar Home System. The main components are: a solar module with support, which converts daylight into electricity, a lighting set of 3 lamps with

fittings and preassembled cable and an electricity Storage and Distribution Unit (SDU) including a battery.

The SDU is equipped with an electronic energy management system, which regulates and protects the battery and all connected appliances. For installation a cable set, a mounting set and a manual are also included.





The SHS 200 has been designed for simple and easy operation. The solar module, once positioned correctly, converts the daylight directly into electricity. This electricity is automatically stored in a battery through the SDU. The amount of electricity available in the battery is shown by a level indicator on the SDU.

SHS 200 features:

The SHS 200 is typically developed for domestic application at remote sites in rural areas, which are not covered with a conventional electricity distribution network. It operates fully automatically and guarantees an optimal system performance with a maximum life span.

The only maintenance is a regular check and the topping up of the battery. In very dusty areas half-yearly cleaning of the solar modules is recommended. The system components applied are of high quality and are appropriate for use under typical rural conditions.

To increase the system reliability, we offer a Storage and Distribution Unit (SDU) concept where the battery and battery housing, electronic energy management system and connections for the appliances are fully integrated.

Electrical data SHS 200:

Available electricity at

insolation level 6  kWh/m²/day                          150-200 Wh/day

System voltage                                                 12 VDC

Max. load current                                                         8 A @ 12 V

Storage capacity                                                           100 A

Down converter 1 (750mA)                                          12 VDC-9 VDC

Down converter 2 (750mA)                                          12 VDC-9 VDC

Quiescent current                                                          2 mA

Permitted loads                                                 Resistive (lamps, TL Tubes etc.)

                                                                                    Capacitive (electronic equipment)

                                                                                    Inductive (small pumps, DC motors,

                                                                                    relays etc.)

Number of connections                                     7


Design lifetime:

Solar module                                                                20 years

Solar battery                                                                   5 years

Solar SDU                                                                   10 years

Lifetime solar lamps and switching gear             8000 hrs

Switching cycles of solar lamps                       10000 hrs



The solar modules and electronics are tested and certified according to the relevant ISPRA, JPL and IEC standards.

Switching gear of the lighting set meet VDE 0871/B and omission disturbance requirement.

Storage and Distribution Unit (SDU) features:

Solid state switching;

Temperature compensated charge regulation;

Electronic overload protection;

Automatic protection against excessive discharge of the battery;

Protection of discharge of the battery through the solar module;

Low energy consumption of the regulator;

Integrated voltage adopters (6 and 9 V);

Fully protected connection point for DC voltage outlets (2).

Typical performance:



Mechanical>Mechanical data SH 200





Each single system is packed separately, containing all components and is appropriate for tropical conditions.

style="font-size:12.0pt;">Provided> style="font-size:12.0pt;">Provided>Provided cable lengths:

Solar module to SDU                                                   10 m

SDU to lamps                                                               preassembled 10m per lamp




style="font-size:12.0pt;">Module> style="font-size:12.0pt;">Module>Module supports:

Suitable for wooden pole max. 20cm diameter or 2” steel pipe as an option.

Environmental data:

Typical ambient temp                                                    -10° C to +40° C

Storage and transit                                                        -20° C to +40° C

The SHS 200 is suitable for use in tropical environments (+40° C at 90% relative humidity).

Light fittings are for indoor use.


System performance                                                     1 year

Solar module                                                                10 years

Other system components (excluding lamps)                  1 year

Budget Price (C&F Kabul Airport):

1- SHS 200 - 50W                                                         940 Euro

2- SHS 200 - 75W                                                      1,030 Euro

3- SHS 200 – 2 x 50W                                                1,680 Euro

4- SHS 200 – 2 x 75W                                                2,200 Euro

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